Fuzzy Database and Fuzzy Logic for Fetal Growth Condition


  • Ashok S. Mhaske
  • K. L. Bondar NES Science College, Nanded(MS) INDIA


fuzzy Logic, fuzzy database, membership function, linguistic variable, Matlab, C


Humans have a remarkable capability to reason and make decisions in an environment of uncertainty, imprecision, incompleteness of information, and partiality of knowledge, Fuzzy logic technology has achieved impressive success in diverse engineering applications ranging from mass market consumer products to complicated decision and control problems. Database is collection of data which is related by some aspect. Database is a well known method for collect information. Data aids in producing information which is based on facts. A database system stores data, in such a way which is easier to retrieve, manipulate and helps to produce information. In this work, a medical fuzzy database is introduced to help users in providing correct information when there is uncertainty in database. In this paper, a fuzzy database management system is introduced to Fetus Growth and predicts Fetus condition to diagnose the seriousness of the disease of Fetus by using available data in the common database systems.


Author Biography

K. L. Bondar, NES Science College, Nanded(MS) INDIA

Mathematics, Assistant Professor


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