Integration Static Var Compensator in Power System for Voltage Stability Improvement using Straight Variation Approach


  • Sreekanth P K
  • Beena V
  • Ganesh M
  • Vishnu J


FACTS devices, Static VAR Compensator (SVC), Voltage profile, Straight Variation approach, PSAT


This paper deals with a novel approach for studying the impact of Static VAR compensators in power system to improve voltage profile. Because of the increased energy demand, transmission and distribution networks are overloaded which may cause voltage reduction problems. Allocation of FACTS device mainly SVC can be done for the improvement of voltage by identifying the weak bus using straight variation approach. This method is implemented using MATLAB-PSAT and is tested on IEEE 14 bus networked system at different loading conditions. The results demonstrate the improvement in voltage profile at different loads.


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