Dynamics of Composite Beam with Transverse Non-Propagating Open Crack


  • Arjun S. Menon
  • Glory Joseph


Composite Materials, Crack detection, Damage Diagnosis, Vibration Analysis


Cracks or other defects in a structural element influence its dynamic behavior and change its stiffness and damping properties. In this paper, The Critical fracture parameters governing the severity of stress and deformation field ahead of the cracks were evaluated. To ensure the safe, reliable and operational life of structures, it is of high importance to know if their members are free of cracks and, should they be present, to assess their extent. Static, modal, and harmonic analysis were conducted to analyze the dynamic behavior of the cracked composite beam. Also the variation of natural frequencies with different boundary conditions ie, Clamped-Clamped, Clamped-Simply Supported and Cantilever were found out. From the results it is found that the natural frequencies of the beam varied with the depth of the cracks. Also the static stresses tend to increase as the crack depth increases.


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