Effects of Adhesive and Interphase Characteristics between Matrix and Reinforced Nanoparticle of AA8090/AlN Nanocomposites


  • Chennakesava Reddy JNT University Hyderabad India


RVE models, AlN, AA8090, finite element analysis, interphase


Interfaces play an essential role in virtually all composite materials. While composite materials are lessening in strength and stiffness properties, the interface begins to dominate their interesting properties. In this article two types of RVE models have been implemented using finite element analysis. Aluminum nitride nanoparticles were used as a reinforcing material in the matrix of AA8090 aluminum alloy. It has been observed that the nanoparticle did not overload during the transfer of load from the matrix to the nanoparticle via the interphase due to interphase between the nanoparticle and the matrix. The tensile strength and elastic modulus has increased with an interphase around aluminum nitride nanoparticles in the AA8090/AlN nanocomposites.

Author Biography

Chennakesava Reddy, JNT University Hyderabad India

Department of Mechanical Engineering



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