3-D Thick Cylinder under Internal Pressure


  • Ragba Mohamed Abdusslam faculy of Engineering Sabha University


finite element analysis, elastic-plastic behavior, thick walledcylinderand equivalent stress


This paper described the results of a nonlinear static mode within ELFEN of elastic and elastic-plastic behaviour of thick cylinder that is subjected to an internal pressure and therefore a linear stress analysis performed using ELFEN implicit code. Such an analysis is important because the shape of most structures under internal pressure is cylindrical.


In this paper is considered only. Elastic and elastic-plastic finite element analysis is used to predict the principle stresses, effective stressand results are compared with those obtained from theatrical equations in order to predict the limit and failure loads for this type of loading alsothe relationships between redial, hoop stresses and displacement has been used to develop a through understanding. The analysis was completed using ELFEN Version 3.0.4(a finite element program for Microsoft Windows NT). The program allows pre-processing, analysis and post-processing stages to be completed within a single application. The program can be used to model a large number of situations including buckling, plastic deformation, forming and stress analysis problems.


In this study,a thick cylinder of internal radius 100.0 mm and of external radius 200.0 mm is subjected to an internal pressure which is gradually increased to near the ultimate load that may be sustained by the cylinder. The cylinder is modelled as an elasto-plastic material using the Von Mises yield criterion which is normally used for metallic materials[2]. The specification of the load in several increments enables the spread of the plasticity to occur gradually and its effect on the stress distribution to be assessed.



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