Voltage Stability Analysis in the Albanian Power System


  • Marjela Qemali
  • Rajmonda Bualoti Department of Electric Power System Polytechnic University of Tirana
  • Marialis Çelo


Voltage Stability, power system analysis, power system reinforcement, instability


With the new social-economical developments and the free moving of the population, the electricity consumption in Albania has changed significantly. The main problem facing by Albania Electric Power System is that the power demand is increasing rapidly whereas the supply growth is constrained by reduced capital availability. Many failures have been occured in Albanian power systems due to voltage instability, in the past few years. This paper mainly concern steady state voltage stability by capability checking of Albanian power system to maintain the voltage profile in the presence of active/reactive load variations. Voltage stability analysis was performed by utilizing voltage stability tools in NEPLAN software.

The paper discusses the results of different methods in comparison of investments impact in the voltage stability. The results have shown that in heavily loaded power system of Albania the voltage stability problems cannot be met with the existing transfer capabilities, even with shunt compensation. New transmission capacities are necessary to improve the voltage stability.




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