Comparative study of PSS and STATCOM-POD for Transient Stability in Microgrid


  • R Visakhan
  • Asha ANu Kurian
  • Chittesh V C
  • Rahul R
  • Vipin Das P
  • Anil Baby
  • Tibin Joseph
  • Sasidharan Sreedharan


PSS, POD, STATCOM, FACTS, low frequency oscillation damping


The main issue considering power system security is how to reduce the overshoot and have better rate of damping of power system oscillations. Generally, PSS are used for power system oscillation damping, but inter area oscillations are not effectively damped with PSS, so FACTS devices with supplementary controller are used for effective damping of power system oscillations. A systematic approach is presented in this paper for designing of STATCOM with supplementary controllers to damp local and inter area oscillations in a micro grid. Detailed study have been carried out by applying three phase short circuit fault followed by line outage considering controllers like Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Power Oscillation Damper (POD). Parameters of controllers are validated by performing Eigen value analysis. Here modified IEEE-14 bus system is used as the test system in which DFIG is implanted in bus 1 and MATLAB/ PSAT is used as simulation platform. The result illustrates that STATCOM-POD has better damping control than PSS.


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