Effect of Combustor Casing Deformation on the Air Flow at Annulus


  • Wael Alqaraghuli cranfield university
  • Dhirgham Alkhafagiy


Can combustor, annulus flow, velocity profile, pitot static tube


This paper describes an experimental analysis of the flow inside a real part of a can combustor used in Babylon/Iraq gas turbine power station. The combustor which has been studied contains deformation in the outer air casing due to the high temperature within the liner.  Flow quality through annulus is crucial as it feeds air to the primary, secondary and dilution holes. One of the most important criterions of combustion chamber design is to have uniformity of pressure in the annulus region as early as possible which ensures flow split through various liner holes and minimum combustor length .This can be achieved by sufficient as well as efficient diffusion of air from compressor. Used pitot static tube to measure the velocity profile at ten stations in the outer annuls. The performance of the system was also assessed in terms of total pressure loss and static pressure recovery between the first and last measurement stations. It was observed that the deformation effected on the flow uniformity and penetration of air through the holes, thus effected on the performance of the combustor.


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