A Novel Approach for Implementing Virtual Medical Analysis using Semantic Web Services


  • S. Shanmuga Priya
  • Uma Maheshwari
  • Anto Rose


Virtual Medical Analysis Laboratory Prototype [VMALP], Semantic Web Services [SWS], Web Services Modeling Ontology[WSMO], Web Services Description Language[WSDL], Web Services eXecution Environment[WSMX]


The out patients visit a multitude of laboratories in order to check the availability, price, and result durations from the nearest laboratories which are related in the web sites, in medical analysis laboratory. This results in the reducibility or limitations of usability of such web sites. To overcome this problem we propose this paper, Virtual Medical Analysis Laboratory prototype system which will be based on applying the Semantic Web Services which will enable the outpatient test to discover suitable laboratory. We propose this VMALP based on web service modeling ontology.


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