Towards an Agent-Based Modeling of the Consumer Goods Market


  • Khadija El hachami Islamic Financial Engineering Laboratory (IFE-Lab) Studies and Research Laboratory in Applied Mathematics (LERMA) Mohammadia School of Engineering, Mohammed V University
  • Mohamed Tkiouat


Multi-agent systems, agent-based modeling and simulation, complexity economics, macroeconomic behavior, Netlogo


The modeling and prediction of the human behavior in economy attract the interest of many scholars and researchers around the globe. In order to analyze it, the economists use complex mathematical equations called top-down approach; which is currently an outdating system. Instead the agent-based modeling named bottom-up analysis is focused in the characteristics of each agent. Therefore the implementation of the different behaviors of agents, allows them to interact with each other freely and the system evolves automatically.

Our aim is to create an agent-based model of consumer goods market which will allow us to investigate the effect and the outcome of some economic policies or new product introductions.


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