Studies and Research on Microfinance Sector in Morocco: An Overview


  • Ghita Bennouna PhD student in the Laboratory of Research in Applied Mathematics- Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs-Mohammed V University
  • Mohamed Tkiouat Professor of Industrial Economics and Game theory Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs-Mohammed V University


Microfinance, Moroccan micro-Credit Association, Micro-Finance Institution, Activity, low income.


The Microfinance sector in Morocco started during the 90s to meet the needs of a large population excluded from the banking system and which require financial support to improve its situation and its living conditions. This sector has grown considerably in a few years after the creation of the first Moroccan microfinance associations (AMC), that’s why several studies and research has been done in order to evaluate this sector and its sustainability from one side and to identify and measure the contribution of the microfinance sector to the development of its customers from another side. This paper discusses the current situation of the microfinance in Morocco while evaluating its contribution to the development of the activities financed by this sector also it includes many of the studies and research which has been conducted to analyze this sector.


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