M-Banking Payment Service Model Concepts


  • Nandita Sikari Research Scholar, VIT University, Chennai Campus
  • K. Harikrishnan


M-payments, M-order, SMS, 2D barcode, DOV(Data Over Voice), NFC(Near Field Communication), Mobile micro payments, Ticketing system, Cashless Payments.


This paper consists of four important sections to identifying how mobile phone (Smart phone) works to pay the online payments. First section has an introduction for the mobile payments requirements for reliable service. Second section shows types & models of mobile payment service but not taking into account the service patterns and the electronic money systems. In the third section as a case study is shown an author solution may be improved taking into account the security and economic issues presented in the first two sections. The fourth or last section presents a summery of technologies available for improvement of the mobile payments services. The main method is achieving the goal of the research is the modeling method which will be used to descriptively model global events and processes as well as construct the fundamental model of mobile payment. For the purpose of correct defining of analogies in the process of creating the model according to the original, we will be using the systematic approach. This approach my means of system analysis and synthesis assures dynamic modeling of the process and events relevant to the construction of the model and the result of this payment system (m-banking) are the potential of the mobile telephony globally and the technical security related to the technologies, but also with the customer trust, privacy and security in terms of social experience.


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