South Kalimantan Labor Readiness in Facing ASEAN Economic Community 2015


  • Ahmad Alim Bachri


Labor, South Kalimantan, the ASEAN Economic Community 2015


South Kalimantan is an area with huge potential as an investment target in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community in leading economic sectors of the region. But not followed by the quality of community competence and capability to compete in the labor market of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This study aims to determine the things that determine the aspect of workforce in terms of the quality of competence, map of needs, gaps maps to the needs, competency enhancement program, and South Kalimantan workforce readiness. This research uses explanatory research approach with the data collection methods of observation, interviews and questionnaires. Research respondents is the prospective worker consisting of vocational students last semester and the final semester of college students numbered 602 respondents, taking place in Kotabaru district, Tanah Bumbu, Tanah Laut, Banjarmasin city,  Banjarbaru, Banjar, Tabalong and Balangan. Period of implementation of the study lasted for 3 months. The technique in determination of the samples used in this study is proportional purposive random sampling technique. Results of the study data showed that the competitiveness of the prospective employment is still relatively low, skills development program is still not optimal, local workforce needs in the business / industrial world is still at the operational level, labor requirements in businesses world not charted based on competence, high gaps between the needs of labor in the business and labor available, and the employment opportunities relatively available but can not be met by the labor based on required competencies in business world.



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