Rural Agribusiness Development Based on Community Empowerment (A Case Study in Bajeng Sub-district of Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)


  • Nurdaina Djamaluddin
  • Haedar Akib, Ruslan
  • Batara Surya Regional and Town Planning of University 45 Makassar


Rural Agribusiness, Policy Implementation, Community Empowerment, Rural Agribusiness Development, And Program (PUAP) implementation


Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, a study was made of factors which determine the effectiveness of a Rural Agribusiness Development Program (RADP), based on community empowerment. The study was conducted in Bajeng Sub-district of Gowa Regency in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The data used in the analysis were collected from individuals and groups as the program implementers. The success of RADP based on community empowerment was found to be strongly associated with the level of public trust that is established. The effectiveness of RADP had no direct relationship with the presence of community institutions, such as the Farmer Group Association (FGA), but is determined by the influence of social norms of individuals and socio-cultural influences. The implementation of RUDP through community empowerment in Bajeng Sub-district was found to be below optimal, due to a limited ability to involve local representatives in decision-making, combined with limitations of the capacity of local institutional management and marketing systems. The net impact was limited in terms of increasing both farmer and community productivity and welfare.  The lack of impact of RADP in Bajeng Sub-district also reflected a lack of involvement of the government in providing guidance and supervision, combined with weak administration of program activities by FGA personnel, due to their lack of experience and knowledge.




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