Endophytic Fungal Diversity of <em>Cedrela angustifolia</em> in an Environmental Gradient of Jujuy, Argentina


  • Cecilia Gabriela Giulianotti Centro de Investigación de Sanidad Forestal (CISFO), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Jujuy (FCA, UNJu), Argentina
  • Noemí del Valle Bejarano Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Jujuy (FCA, UNJu), Argentina




Endophyte, Yungas, Meliaceae, forest, community.


Fungal endophytes are a diverse group of microorganisms that colonize plant tissues without causing symptoms or signs. Foliar endophytic fungi were isolated from a tree species distributed in an environmental gradient. Three study sites were selected: urban, peri-urban and rural. Twenty-three taxa were identified using culture-based techniques. The taxa with the highest colonization frequency were: Alternaría, Diaporthe - Phomopsis, Phymatotrichum, Cladosporium and Xylaria. Foliar endophytic fungal diversity was higher in the rural site followed by the peri-urban and urban site.


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