Ketamine Gargle Peripheral Analgesic Effect on Sore Throat after Ear Surgery, a Randomized Clinical Trial


  • AliReza Salimi Department of Anesthesiology, Loghman Hospital, Shahid beheshti Medical University, Tehran
  • Fateme Haaji-Mohammadi
  • Afshar Etemadi Ale-Agha
  • Seyed Amir Mohajerani
  • Leyla Emami Borgheei
  • Latif Chachkar
  • Morteza Hashemian


gargle, ketamine, postoperative sore throat, topical analgesia


Background: Intubation could cause trauma to the airway mucosa which leads to postoperative sore throat with the incidence of 21-65%, which leads to other complications and patients’ dissatisfaction. Postoperative sore throat leads to morbidity particularly after head and neck and ear surgery and patient dissatisfaction.

Aim: to determine the effect of ketamine gargle on sore throat after intubation and to measure serum ketamine level.

Materials and methods: A prospective, randomized and placebo-controlled double blind study was conducted on 78 patients who underwent? ear surgery. The patients were randomized into three groups of 26 patients: The control group received 30ml normal saline as placebo and the experimental groups 40mg and 60 mg of ketamine in 30ml normal saline. Blood samples were obtained from the patients in order to measure serum ketamine level. Patients sore throat was assessed using visual analogue scale immediately after surgery, at arrival in the recovery unit, and at 2, 4 and 12 h after the surgery.

Results: The patients who received ketamine gargle (40 and 60 mg) had less sore throat at 0 and 2 h recovery than those who received placebo (<0.05). Sore throat was not significantly different in both groups received ketamine (p>0.05) while the ketamine level in blood in ketamine group was less than analgesic dose in both 40 and 60 mg groups.

Conclusion: ketamine gargle reduces sore throat after surgery and such effect is not caused by the blood absorption of ketamine.



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