Traditional Uvulectomy in Lokoja, Nigeria and its Associated Complications


  • S. A. Ogah Otolaryngology Division, Department of surgery Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja
  • S. E. Ocheni Ophthalmology Department, Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja.


traditional, uvulectomy, lokoja, Nigeria, associated, complications


The aim of this case report is to highlight some of the throat complications following traditional uvulectomy. In most parts of Africa, traditional uvulectomy has been a common practice for the traditional Surgeons to remove the uvula as a means of preventing throat infections and other disorders. We present this case of a 29-year-old Nigerian lady presenting with severe pharyngitis, progressive dysphagia and odynophagia 5th day post traditional uvulectomy. On examination of her throat, she showed complete absence of the uvula, palatal ulceration and purulent discharge. The case presentation is to show that otolaryngological emergencies due to this archaic practice are still ongoing despite the public awareness programmes carried out in time past. In the practice of otolaryngology the world over, uvulectomy is a rare surgical procedure except when indicated as an adjunct to other palatal procedures. It may therefore mean that either our programmes are not effective or that the people have not understood them and so we must find a way to further educate our people on how to go about treating throat disorders.



Author Biographies

S. A. Ogah, Otolaryngology Division, Department of surgery Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja

Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon. Otolaryngology Division, Department of Surgery

S. E. Ocheni, Ophthalmology Department, Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja.

Resident doctor on Otolaryngology posting. Ophthalmology Department, Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja.


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