Anesthetic Management of 70 Year Old Woman with Cor triatriatum Sinister

Yun Ho Yang, Nam Yung Kim, Sejin Kim, Minsoo Kim, Seongsik Kang


A 70 year old woman with no specific underlying disease was referred to the department of surgery of our hospital to have low anterior resection surgery for rectal cancer. Preoperative transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) revealed perforated fibromuscular septum which divides the left atrium into two chambers. Patients with Cor Triatriatum (CT) can show a clinical feature of mitral stenosis (MS) or tricuspid stenosis (TS) according to the degree of intra atrial membrane fenestration. Therefore careful anesthetic management is needed when we deal with this patients who undergo general anesthesia. Our patient was tolerable throughout the general anesthesia with propofol, volatile agent and opioid. The surgery was done without any hemodynamic event. And there was no postoperative complications.


Cor triatriatum, general anesthesia, mitral stenosis, anesthetic management

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