Prevalence of Internet Addiction among University Students in Khalkhal city, Iran in 2015: A Cross-sectional Study

Anahita Zakeri, Habib Ojaghi, Rahim Masoumi, Fariba Kahnamouei-aghdam, Marjan Vejdani, Aysan Amrahi, Afsoon Mirzazadeh giglou, Vahid Abbasi


The widespread use of the internet follows serious side effects that one of the most destructive of them can be internet addiction. Due to the increasing use of the internet among the university students, the aim of this study was assessment the internet addiction rate among university students of Khalkhal city. This is a cross-sectional descriptive study that has been done on 200 students which was selected randomly from all university students. Data gathered by a questionnaire consisted of three parts: demographic data, reasons for the use of the Internet and Yang Internet Addiction Test. Collected Data were analyzed by statistical methods in SPSS.19 software. 79.5% of the study population had normal situation in terms of Internet addiction and 20.5% had Internet addiction (severe and mild). There is a statistically significant association between the time and type of using the Internet and internet addiction rate. Results showed that about 20% of students have some degrees of Internet addiction (mild or severe), so raising their knowledge about the disadvantages of internet addiction is essential.


Internet addiction, student, Khalkhal

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