The Influence of Perceived Stress on the Alcohol Consumption of the Filipino Migrant Workers in South Korea


  • Mary Faith Lepaopao Sahmyook University
  • Cheong Hoon Kim Sahmyook University
  • Nami Kim Sahmyook University



migrant workers, percieved stress, alcohol consumption, AUDIT


This study explored how perceived stress and other common characteristics affected the alcohol consumption of the Filipino migrant workers in South Korea. 201 Filipino migrant workers (78.1% male, 21.9% female) completed the questionnaire containing the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) for measuring perceived stress and Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-C (AUDIT-C) for measuring hazardous drinking.  Pearson’s correlation, regression analysis, T-test and ANOVA were used for statistical analysis. The results revealed that perceived stress was significantly correlated with alcohol consumption among undocumented migrant workers but not with their documented counterparts. Perceived stress also was found to have predicted alcohol consumption among the undocumented migrant workers. Significantly, documented migrant workers have lower levels of perceived stress and alcohol consumption compared to the undocumented migrant workers.

Author Biographies

Mary Faith Lepaopao, Sahmyook University

Addiction Science Department, PHd candidate

Cheong Hoon Kim, Sahmyook University

Addiction Science Department, Assistant Professor

Nami Kim, Sahmyook University

Addiction Science Department, Department Head


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