Innovative Local Brand:A Case Study of Zeelandia Firm


  • Wei-Chen Yang
  • Chia-Chun Lin
  • Chao-Lun Lee
  • Thomas Chiang Blair


Agricultural product processing during the harvest seasons, brand innovation, souvenir


Tainan, located in Southern Taiwan, began its development as a base for trade in 1624by the Dutch. Since then, Tainan remained the capital of Taiwan for more than 2centuries. In addition, Tainan is 1 of the 7 largest distribution centers for vegetables and fruits in Taiwan and is an ancient capital that is abundant in agricultural products. ZeelandiaFirm, the case applied in this study, was established by a group of Tainan undergraduate students, who applied the unique historical background of Tainan and its abundant fruit and vegetable agricultural products to the firm. A new local souvenir brand with a brand story regarding agricultural products processed during the harvest seasons and an innovative management philosophy was thus created. This study investigated the brand positioning and brand innovation of Zeelandia firm to provide a remarkable example for local brand innovations in the future.


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Agricultural Knowledge



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