Poverty in Northern Nigeria


  • Gabriel Ngbea University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State


Poverty, Northern Nigeria, Almajiri


Poverty is a major social problem in Nigeria. Poverty in Nigeria remains significant despite Nigeria’s high economic growth. Nigerians rank among the lowest income earners in the world. Despite the fact that associated poverty carried some associated similarities locally and internationally, there is always a differing measure of yardstick. Locally in Nigeria, the northern region is considered to be poorer as compared to other parts of the country. The thrust of this paper is to x-ray poverty in Nigeria with particular focus to the North using the almajiris as a tool. The methodology employed is the use of secondary sources and observation since the authors have fair experience of the area. After taking a look at the causes and effects of poverty in Northern Nigeria, the paper suggested ways of tackling poverty in Northern Nigeria with the conclusion that every part of the country is rich. Poor management of God given resources, bad governance and corruption are responsible for the present state of the country and the North in particular. There is need for the north to take proactive measures to tackle poverty in partnership with the government and non-governmental organisations.




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