Youth Unemployment and Security Challenges in Nigeria


  • Niyi Adegoke Criminology and security studies unit School of arts and social sciences National open university of Nigeria Victoria Island, Lagos


Unemployment, Insecurity, Poverty, Aggressive- frustration theory, Government policies,


In recent times, Nigeria has been facing several security challenges such as violent crimes, kidnapping, insurgency by the Niger delta militant, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, political assassination and the activities of Boko Haram sect. The paper examines the impact of unemployment on security challenges in Nigeria. Out of 150 respondents randomly selected only 145 responses were collected. The paper adopted survey method for collection of primary data, and secondary data was derived from internet sources and academic journals. Frequency, percentages and chi square were adopted for data analysis. The aggressive- frustration theoretical frame work of analysis was also adopted. It was revealed that there is significant relationship between unemployment and insecurity. The paper therefore recommends among others that govt at all levels should put in place and sustain programmes and policies geared toward reduction of poverty and unemployment.

Author Biography

Niyi Adegoke, Criminology and security studies unit School of arts and social sciences National open university of Nigeria Victoria Island, Lagos

Senior Lecturer,

Criminology and security studies unit

School of arts and social sciences

National open university of Nigeria

Victoria Island, Lagos


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