On Intuitionistic Fuzzy G-Modules On GF(p<sup>n</sup>)


  • Poonam K. Sharma D.A.V.College, Jalandhar , Punjab, India


Galois eld, intuitionistic fuzzy set, intuitionistic fuzzy G-module, intuitionistic fuzzy Galois G-module, Ascending chain condition (A.C.C)


In this paper, we have constructed an intuitionistic fuzzyG-module with level cardinality (n + 1) on the Galois eld GF(pn), andthen proved that innite many such intuitionistic fuzzy G-modules canbe constructed on it. We have also proved that each such intuitionisticfuzzy G-module, admits a sequence of k intuitionistic fuzzy G-submodules,where k is the number of divisors of n. Further, we have also discussedintuitionistic fuzzy noetherian G-module on GF(pn).

Author Biography

Poonam K. Sharma, D.A.V.College, Jalandhar , Punjab, India

Asscoaite Professor in Mathematics


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