Evaluating Environmental Factors through a BL-Algebra


  • Enrico Fischetti University of Salerno Italy


BL-Algebras, Type-2 fuzzy sets, Quality of life, Environmental evaluation.


In this paper a method for environmental evaluation based on type-2 fuzzy sets and a BL-algebra defined therein is illustrated. Introduced by L. Zadeh in 1975, fuzzy sets allow to represent imprecise knowledge in a simple and effective way by carrying out algebraic computations on linguistic elements. In this evaluation model every environmental indicator (security, facilities, environment, social impact, and so on) is a type-2 fuzzy set. This approach has been utilized both to rank the quality of life in some Italian cities and then the environmental quality of four sites for a domestic airport near Reykjavik. As regards the Italian cities this approach produces results similar to those obtained by statistical methods but one gets a linguistic classification of cities and not a numerical one. Also as regards the sites for the airport, the results are similar but the linguistic expressivity is greatly enhanced.

Author Biography

Enrico Fischetti, University of Salerno Italy

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione

Associate professor


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