Assessment of Drinking Water Quality Index (DWQI) in and around SIPCOT Region of Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu


  • Inbanila T. Annamalai University
  • Arutchelvan V.


Aquifers, brines, groundwater, quality index


The coastal groundwater from a fragile ecosystem and it is more affected by groundwater extraction and the situation is more complex if it is industrialized. In order to unravel the status of the drinking water quality 60 groundwater samples were collected during post and pre-monsoon  (30 each). The collected samples were analysed for major cations and anions. They were compared to the drinking water standard and Drinking water quality index (DWQI) was derived and studied for both the seasons and it was found that more samples of pre monsoon fall in unsuitable category and it was also inferred that they fall along the coastal region and near the Uppanar river near the SIPCOT region.

Author Biography

Inbanila T., Annamalai University




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