Inadequacies of Building Construction in Relation to Development Control Regulations


  • Nuruddeen Usman Department of Building, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi State Nigeria
  • Ahmad Muhammed Ibrahim


Development Control, Building Construction, Land Use


Development control is a tool used by physical planners to control the use of land, character for which it can be use, appearance and the arrangement of building and facilities to ensure comfort, economic convenience and aesthetic in an environment. Development within study area is characterized by haphazard development, Narrow Street and land disputes, in accessibility and poor environmental quality resulting into slum settlement. The aim is to examine the impact of development control on building construction in Bauchi metropolis (Fadaman Mada area) of Bauchi State. Reconnaissance survey and oral interview were carried out in the study area and questionnaires are administered to Bauchi State Urban Development Board and some residents of the study area. This paper discussed inadequacies in development control application and its appropriateness to urban. Base on the reviewed existing literatures, the background of the study area and data analysis, the findings shows that, the development control regulations were not followed and there is no enforcement of the laws in the Fadaman Mada area. Which resulted into the problems of story building in midst of bungalow houses, problem of setbacks, problem of fencing walls, blockage of access road problems, conversion of land uses problem and the problem of encroachment on land uses. From the aforementioned point it can be concluded that if those problem were addressed, the quality of life in the study area will greatly improve.


Author Biography

Nuruddeen Usman, Department of Building, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi State Nigeria

Department of Building


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