Harmonic Analysis and Its Mitigation Using Different Passive Filters


  • Ashlin Gloria Reginald
  • K J Thomas


Capacitors, Harmonics, Passive filter, Power quality


Harmonics are the by-products of modern electronic devices. Harmonics play a significant role in deteriorating power quality, called harmonic distortion. To mitigate the harmonics, one can install passive or active filters. Though active filters are very effective to compensate harmonic currents and voltages they are still very expensive. Hence, active filters are only installed in large industrial plants while for small installations passive filters are more preferred.

In this paper a case study of design and development of harmonic filter for a typical non- linear load is presented. Different filter topologies are designed based on the introduced methods to suppress a benchmark of harmonics.  Harmonic survey indicated a current THD of 128%. Then the whole system is simulated with SIMULINK to verify the discussed procedures.



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