Regression Analysis in Load Flow


  • Daniel T Varghese
  • B Krishnachandran
  • Beena K H
  • Reshmasree M R


Curve Fitting, Heuristic, Load flow, Regression


Electricity is the most preferred form of energy used in industries, homes, business, and transportation. In the present situation, meeting the power demand is not the major issue, rather it is important to provide stable and quality power to the consumers. Thus analyzing the power system network is very much important. For this we have classical methods such as Gauss Siedel, Newton Raphson and other computer aided software programming techniques as well. All the existing technologies have the major setback that they require large computational time and extensive iterative numerical analysis. Even a simple three bus network requires substantial calculation. It is suggested that for a general class of problems covering ring bus systems, an approximate, fairly accurate solution can be obtained. The method is purely heuristic one. It is an experienced based solution technique for load flow analysis in power systems. The result is a simpler form of load flow analysis involving linear computation time.



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