Mankind's Tendency Toward Sustainability: Future Of Renewable Energies And Smart Materials In The Built Architectural Environments

Mohammad Mehdi Moulaii, Mohammad Reza Bemanian, Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad


The growth of the society has constantly improved human material livelihood quality, simultaneously, human environmental-protective awareness has been frequently improved, and the idea of energy saving and environment protection has gone into many features of human life. People have initiated to know that natural resource is restricted, and the human being cannot take from the nature endlessly. Everyone should make great efforts to make the compatibility between human and nature. And the landscape design is the connector between them without failure. City comprises the town square design with hundreds of thousand square meters and the green space design with tenth of thousand square meters, and if the energy crisis of landscape design cannot be responded better, it will cause large of energy wastes. The problem how to create a real green landscape has been the problematic issue that people more and more observed. The election of materials in the construction process of landscape design has turned into the very important notion to make green landscape undeniably


compatibility, Environmental protection, Energy saving

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