A Study on Quality Management in Construction Projects


  • S. Arunmozhi Research Scholar Annamalai University
  • K. Suguna
  • P. N. Raghunath


Quality Management, Quesstionarie


This paper presents an emprise study in construction industry in order to improve the quality performance. The main objective of this study is to identify the critical factors which are responsible for the implementation of quality management system in construction projects. This study was carried out by conducting questionnaire survey among the professionals of various construction projects, for testing their experience in quality management system. This study has indicated that a quality management can only be successful in a company if the users have a positive attitude towards the system and it is therefore required that the system be launched and maintained in a user-friendly manner, with the emphasis on real risk-reducing aspects. As one of the requirements of ISO 9001 is continuous improvement of the system, recommendations are made in this study towards improving the quality management system.


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