Territorial Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence : On Discussion


  • Yann Bertacchini Engineering Sciences & Sustainable Development Department, College for Teaching & Education, ESPE, Academy of Nice, I3M lab- EA 3820, University of Toulon. Avenue de l'Université, 83957 La Garde
  • Yannick Bouchet


artificial intelligence, human consciousness, information, mind, non human, territorial Intelligence process.


Aims: As we have been working for almost twenty years on territorial intelligence at different scales, subjects, contents, responsibilities and with stakeholders in charge of, we need to discuss how such research fields, Territorial Intelligence (TI) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) in appearance so distinct, even separated without any connections, could meet with each others in order to imagine space for both applications and may be cooperation between them.

Study design:  This specific research, based on precedent researches, aimed identifying how Territorial Intelligence (TI) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) in appearance so distinct, even separated without any connections, could meet with each others in order to imagine space for both applications and may be cooperation between them.

Place and Duration of Study: University of Toulon, International Institute of Territorial Intelligence (3IT), SITIV Syndicate (France) and College for Teaching and Education (ESPE) from between 2010 and 2016.

Methodology: We begin to examine our paste, published works, extract propositions (totally or partially) from artificial intelligence authors we think they are able to include calibrated information as we suggested, in association with precise territorial intelligence assumptions and for the use on organizing such meeting.

Results: For all spatial functionality we are considering for our purpose, we are positioning, their content, Territorial Intelligence Process, Artificial Intelligence, high Focus/low Focus spectrum.

Conclusion: Along the paper we are displaying figures to pave the way of our discussion and, finally, we suggested through a table for each spatial functionality studied, functionality title, description, T.I.P (territorial intelligence assumptions), A.I Focus.


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