Structural Geophysics Investigations using GIS and DC Resistivity Techniques: Hydrogeological Implications of Wadi Ramleiya, Eastern Desert, Egypt


  • Mohamed Abdelwahab A.
  • Abdelhalim M. Ali


GIS, DC resistivity, hydrogeological basin, morphometric analysis, Wadi Ramleiya, Egypt


In this study, an integrated suite of geological and direct current resistivity (DCR) data is used to evaluate the hydrogeophysical conditions at the downstream part of Wadi Ramleiya, Eastern Desert, Egypt. Geological and morphometric analysis of drainage basin and DCR measurements in the form of 1D and 2D surveys are carried out to reveal the subsurface layer distributions and demonstrate the groundwater potentialities. It is obviously that the shallow aquifers and groundwater flow direction are related to structural controls. Based on the inversion results of DCR data, the aquifer is under unconfined conditions where it rests on layers of argillaceous limestone and overlain by gravelly sand. Accordingly, the obtained results can serve as a basis for monitoring, planning and management of water resources in such desert area, and as a whole, they constitute an encouraging example using an integrated approach of geological, morphometric and DCR data in groundwater exploration and flash-flood hazard management.


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