First Records Species of Hottentotta Genus (Scorpiones:Buthidae) from Kerman Province, Southeast of Iran


  • M. Salari Department of Biology , faculity of science, lorestan university, khoramabad
  • M. Sampour



Scorpions, Buthidae Hottentotta schach, Manoojan, Kerman province, iran


Investigations indicated that the scorpions are scattered in all parts of Iran. Few researches have been carried out to identify and study morphology of the scorpions of Iran. In the present investigations, several species of scorpions from Kerman Province ( Iran ) have been identified. The scorpions usually live under the stones. To obtain the scorpions, heavy materials including stones, clod and so on, were moved by crow bar and woods. The specimens were captured with a tongs. To study the morphological characters and identify the scorpions, Olympus Lica 2000 stereo microscope and key identify to scorpions, were used. In the present research a species of scorpions belonged to Hottentotta genus and Buthidae family, is reported for the first time from Kerman Province (Iran). This species is called Hottentotta schach and has been collected from Manoujan area, situated in the south and southwest of Kerman Province. The H. schach is a rare species, it is shaggy and some parts of it'sbody are dark. This species lives in height over 1000 meter and also is found in mountainous areas. Beside of this species, 6 other species called: Compsobuthus matthiesseni,Androctonus crassicauda, Odontobuthus doriae, Mesobuthus eupeus, Sassanidotus gracilis, Orthochirus farzanpayi, from this family, are found in the mentioned area. In taxonomy, the scorpions are order belonging to arachnida class, phylum arthropoda, super phylum invertebrate sub kingdom of metazoan and kingdom of animal. The weather in south of Kerman Province is warm and relatively humid.


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