Multi-criteria Approach for Prioritizing Bridge Maintenance in Developing Country (Case Study of Bali Province, Indonesia)


  • Putu Alit Suthanaya Udayana University
  • Ida Bagus Artamana



AHP, Multi-criteria, Priority, Bridge maintenance


Transport agencies in developing countries are often faced by the need to maintain a lot of road projects but have limited budget. One important road infrastructure complement is bridge. The bridge is a vital infrastructure facilities for the continuing development of social and economic activities of the region. A serious problem in developing countries such as Indonesia is limited funds available for maintenance. In Bali Province, the priority of bridge maintenance program is prepared based only on the technical condition of the bridge. However, many aspects actually need to be considered. As limited funds available, the objective of this study is to develop bridge maintenance prioritization criteria and rank the bridges to be maintained based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method by using Bali Province as a case study. It was found that the stakeholders for bridge maintenance in Bali Province gave priority to road network system 1.34 times more than movement system, 1.56 times more than land use system and 2.49 times more than institutional system. The road network system was identified as the main factor considered in maintaining bridge in Bali Province. From 86 bridges considered in this study, it was found that 19 bridges were in the very high priority category. It was also found that the ranking of bridge maintenance priority based on the AHP method was very similar to the realized program.


Author Biography

Putu Alit Suthanaya, Udayana University

Civil Engineering Department


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