Spraying with Commercial Fertilizers beside Effects of the Bio-nitrogen and Different Levels of Mineral Nitrogen on Growth, Yield and Quality of Broccoli


  • M. F. Zaki
  • Mona E. El-Azab Mona E. El-Azab Soil and water Dept. National Research Center, Dokki
  • S. A. Abou Sedera
  • M. M. Abou El-Magd


Foliar application, bio-nitrogen, amino magnical, broccoli


The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of foliar application of  amino magnical as commercial fertilizer beside the effect of bio-nitrogen and different mineral nitrogen on plant growth and yield of broccoli. Two field experiments were conducted at El- Nubaria, Beheira Governorate, Egypt during 2013/2014 and 2014/20015. Experimental design comprised three replicates. The bio-nitrogen treatments were used Microbin, Serialen and Azotobacter and different levels of mineral nitrogen. Amino-Magnical used as foliar application (100% N recommended dose + without spray of amino magnical; 50% N recommended dose + one spray; 50% N recommended dose + two sprays and 50% N recommended dose + three sprays). The  results showed that the application of Microbin increases the vegetative growth expressed as plant height, leaves number as well as fresh and dry weight of leaves, stems, apical heads and total plant compared with Serialen and Azotobacter treatments. Higher values of the abovementioned characteristics were also obtained with 100% N recommended dose without foliar application or 50% N recommended dose + One spray of amino magnical. Lower values of vegetative growth were obtained with Serialen or the other fertilization treatments. Total yield of apical heads and their physical quality expressed as (diameter, height and fresh weight) and their chemical quality recorded higher values with Microbin treatment compared with Serialen and Azotobacter treatments. In addition, treatments 100% N recommended dose without foliar application or 50% N recommended dose + one spray of amino magnical recorded the highest values of total yield and quality of apical heads compared with the other fertilization treatments. With respect to the interaction, Microbin treatment plants receiving 100% N recommended dose or 50% N recommended dose + one spray of amino magnical recorded the higher values of the vegetative growth, total yield of apical heads and their quality. While, the other interaction treatments gave  lower means of vegetative growth, total yield of apical heads and quality. The lowest values of vegetative growth, total yield of apical heads and their quality were obtained with Serialen and Azotobacter treatments receiving 50% N recommended dose + three sprays of amino magnical.


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