Nitrogen Content and Carbon Stock Prediction in Oil Palm using Satellite Image Analysis


  • Tri Mulyadi magister student in bogor agricultural university (IPB)
  • Mr. Hariyadi Agronomy and Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agriculture University Indonesia
  • Mr. Sudradjat Agronomy and Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agriculture University Indonesia
  • Mr. Kustiyo National Institute of Aeronautic and Space Indonesia


satellite imagery, vegetation index, nitrogen, carbon stock


Nitrogen content and carbon stock prediction method using satellite image analysis is inexpensive, time-saving, labor-saving and accurate.  This research aimed to predict nitrogen content and carbon stock on oil palm using satellite imagery. The research was conducted at IPB-Cargill Teaching Farm of Oil Palm, Jonggol, Bogor Indonesia, starting from August until October 2016. Landsat 8 satellite imagery was used in this research with the digital number classes 17,000 – 22,000. Leaf nitrogen content observed in the field, analyzed using Kjeldahl digestion method.  Carbon stock was obtained using allometric method (above ground biomass =0.0976*Height+0.0706). The sampling of the leaves frond number 17 and plant height of oil palm plant respectively was 25 samples. Prediction model used weighted least square regression between the actual nitrogen content and the digital number, band reflectance, vegetation index. The same model was used to estimate carbon stocks. The result showed that the best model to estimate nitrogen content using the band reflectance with R2 = 0.964, and vegetation index with R2 = 0.987. The best model for estimate carbon stocks using digital number with R2 = 0.874, band reflectance, with R2 = 0.856, and vegetation index with R2 = 0998. There was a similarity between actual measurement and model for predicting nitrogen content and carbon stocks. 


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