Dynamically Miticating Flooding Overhead and Automatic Repairing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


  • T. Senthil Kumaran
  • S. Revathi
  • M. Mathivanan
  • K. Poongothai


Connected Dominating Set, Stable Connected Dominating Set, weight value, displacement, signal strength


Broadcasting is a key operation in on demand route discovery for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) to transmit a message (data packet) from the host (source) node to the rest of the network nodes. Flooding is the simplest mechanism for broadcasting.  But it is usually costly and results in serious redundancy, contention and collisions in the network.  The broadcast problem is reduced by different flooding techniques.  CDS is one of the flooding techniques, used to reduce the broadcast storm problem, where the searching space for a route is reduced to nodes present in the set.  The proposed protocol Stable Connected Dominating Set (SCDS), provides the solution to the broadcast storm problem during the route discovery phase, using a Connected Dominating Set based on the rate of change of displacement and signal strength.  It predicts the new distance, using the velocity of the nodes and current position after a time period t.  The predicted distance is checked whether it is in the favorable or unfavorable communication range, by calculating the signal strength.  The RREQ packets are broadcast only through the CDS members, and hence the broadcast storm problem is reduced.  Extensive simulations showed that the proposed algorithm, as compared to MaxD_CDS and MaxV_CDS, has a significantly long lifetime and requires less number of control packets for route discovery

Author Biography

T. Senthil Kumaran


PG & Research Coordinator


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