An Assessment of Growth Quality and Economic Structure: A Regional Perspective


  • Igor V. Sharkevich Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, Volgograd branch
  • Natalia E. Buletova Russian academy of National economy and Public administration (RANEPA), Volgograd branch
  • Yaroslava V. Meshcheryakova Institute of Management, Volgograd branch


national economic policy, Gross Regional Product, economic growth, productivity of factors, degree of industrialization, degree of servitization, dynamics of structure


Qualitative characteristics of economic growth and structural changes in the economy are essential for setting development goals for national and regional economies and can be used for reliable diagnostics of the results achieved. They are also important for strategic planning of future actions, changes and achievements. The paper presents a research methodology for measuring and assessing the quality of economic growth and dynamics of structural changes in the region’s economy. The application of the approach can help to assess the “path†of the economy and to choose and implement right solutions to economic problems.


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