Economic Cost of Work Accidents: Granger Causality Analysis on Turkey with a Panel Data Approach


  • Ferhat TopbaÅŸ Balikesir University


Labour Economics


Significant costs are suffered primarily by individuals and heavy burdens are incurred on businesses and the economy in general due to work accidents. According to the ILO estimates, the total cost of accidents at work has reached to 4% of the Gross World Product (GWP). The production losses and other costs that were suffered as a result of work accidents in Turkey in 2011 are estimated to be as high as TL 34 billion. In this study, the relationship between work-related accidents and gross added value was examined with panel causality analysis using data from 26 regional units for the period between 2004 and 2011. In was determined in conclusion that the number of days of incapacity to work that emerge due to work-related accidents is a statistically significant reason of the gross added value of the region to the economy of the country.

Author Biography

Ferhat TopbaÅŸ, Balikesir University

Banking and finance department, Asistant Proffesor


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