Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequencing of a Coat Protein of an Egyptian Isolate of Potato Virus Y (PVY)


  • Hatem El Mahdy Botany Department, Faculty of science, Cairo University, Cairo
  • Sayed Abd El Salam Botany Department, Faculty of science, Cairo University, Cairo


PVY, Detection, Polymerase chain reaction, cp gene, sequence


We are reporting here a molecular tool for detection and identification of a PVY isolate by Nucleotide and amino acid sequencing of coat protein gene. The total RNA was isolated from PVY infected Solanum tuberosum L. leaves and then used as a template for RT-PCR to amplify the cDNA followed by amplification of cp gene (801bp). This followed by sequencing of PVY cp gene and comparing it with (29) PVY overseas strains or isolates. The similarity between our PVY Egyptian isolate and the (29) overseas strains or isolates ranged from 24.4 to 99.4% and from  98.1 to 99.3% based on the level of DNA and deduced amino acids sequence, respectively. In conclusion, our Egyptian virus isolate is PVY strain N.


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