Serotype Characterization of Pakistani Aviadenovirus Strains Causing Inclusion Body Hepatitis and Hydropericardium Syndrome


  • Rehman Shahzad
  • Basit Jabbar University of the Punjab
  • Nadia Naseer
  • Iqra Jabbar
  • Faisal Amin
  • Bakht Sultan


Fowl adenovirus, FAdVs, inclusion body hepatitis, hydropericardium syndrome


Controlling fowl adenoviral (FAdVs) outbreaks in commercial chicken is of immense importance since such outbreaks of disease can cause economic losses by infecting a large number of broiler chicken. The current study was performed for detection and serotype characterization of FAdVs causing inclusion body hepatitis and hydropericardium syndrome (IBH-HPS) in Pakistani commercial broiler chicken in the year 2015. Tissue samples (liver) of infected birds, manifesting signs of IBH-HPS, were used as source for DNA isolation and detection of FAdVs was done using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to amplify hexon gene region. Serotype identification and characterization was based on Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) results, using the restriction enzyme BfoI, together with Sanger dideoxy sequencing. From the cases analyzed, 87% were diagnosed with FAdV 11, therefore marked as the main cause of IBH-HPS, serotype 1 was detected in 10% of cases and least cases were detected of serotype 8 (4%) and serotype 4 (2%). BLAST was used to identify close homologues to the sequenced samples, multiple sequence alignment was performed in MEGA 7.0 Clustal w tool and phylogenetic tree was built to infer relationship between sequenced samples and previous FAdV isolates based on the sequence alignment of partial loop1 region of hexon gene. The sequences of FAdV isolates sequenced in the study were subsequently submitted to NCBI database.


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