On Quasi-semiprime and Semiprime Γ -Ideals in Ordered Γ-AG-Groupoids


  • Pairote Yiarayong
  • Phakakorn Panpho


Γ -AG-Groupoid, Ordered Γ-AG-Groupoid, Γ-ideal, semiprime Γ-ideal, quasi-semiprime Γ-ideal.


The aim of this short note is to introduce the concepts of quasi-semiprimeand semiprime Γ-ideals in ordered Γ-AG-groupoids with left identity. These concepts are related to the concepts of quasi-semiprime and semiprime Γ-ideals, play an important role in studying the structure of ordered Γ-AG-groupoids, so it seems to be interesting to study them.


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