The Effect of the Aqueous Extract of <i>Telfairia occidentalis</i> (Pumpkin) Leaf on the Haematological Parameters of Albino Rats


  • Vantsawa Philip Anthony Department of biological Sciences NDA Kaduna
  • Zakari Musa


Telfairia occidentalis, Albino rats, Haematological, Extract


The effects of the aqueous extract of Telfairia Occidentalis leaves on the haematological parameters of Albino rats were investigated. A total of 36 rats were used for the study which lasted for eight weeks. The rats were shared into three treatments (A B C) with three replicates per treatment. Each treatment had 12 rats and four rats per replicate. Group A was the control and were given only distil water. Those in group B were administered with 2.0ml extract per day while those in group C were given 4.0ml extract per day for up to eight weeks of the study. Results revealed that there were significant differences (P<0.05) in haematological parameters of rats administered with the extract when compared with the control. There was also a decrease in glucose level of experimental rats when compared with that of the control.


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