Strategic Planning in Local Government Administration in Nigeria


  • Adedayo O. Olaleye
  • L. Andy Afinotan Department of Political Science, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji. Osun State


Strategy, Planning, Strategic planning, Local Government and Administration.


All organizations, the family, the church, business enterprise and government undertaking require planning; failure to plan is planning to fail. Planning is that function of management in which a conscious choice of patterns of influence is determined for decision makers so that the many decisions will be coordinated for some period of time and will be directed towards the chosen broad goals. This paper therefore examines the structure of the local governments, the resources available (human, material and financial), the environment as well as the capacity to meet the needs of its constituents. Materials for the study are sourced through the internet, the literature and personal interview with stakeholders. It is descriptive and analytic. It recommends a total review of the aspects of the Nigerian Constitution appertaining to the structure of the federal system in place, particularly fiscal federalism, intergovernmental relations and allocation of powers and responsibilities.


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