Shrinkage in Concrete Made from Recycled Aggregate


  • Jehad Hamad Civil engineering department, Islamic university
  • Abdelrahman AbuSerriya
  • Hossam Elaqra


Drying shrinkage, Shrinkage, Recycled concrete, Humidity


Drying shrinkage is one of the type of shrinkage occurs at the very beginning due to the loss of moisture added to the concrete mix after the cement ingredients react with water. A comprehensive study has been conducted on thirty samples of different concrete mixes. The study focusses on the effect of relative humidity and recycled aggregate. Different ratio of recycled coarse aggregated (RCA) were used (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%) and compare with natural aggregates. The dimensions of the specimen used in this study were 7.5, 7.5, 28.5 cm .The results of drying shrinkage for samples cured under dry environment were 8 times than samples cured under full humidity. Also, the results indicated that specimens with recycled aggregate produce more drying shrinkage than Natural aggregate.


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