Strength and Ductility of GFRP Strengthened Corrosion Damaged RC Columns


  • P. R. Dhevaseenaa Annamalai University
  • K. Suguna
  • P. N. Raghunath


Corrosion, Ductility, GFRP, Wrap


This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation to examine the effectiveness of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) wraps on corrosion damaged high strength concrete columns. A total of fourteen specimens of 150mm diameter and height of 600 mm were cast and tested. Each of the seven specimens were subjected to 0%, 15% and 30% level of corrosion-damage and in that one column specimen were used as corroded control. Glass fibre reinforced polymer wraps were used with different configurations such as CSM, UDC and WR. The wrapping was done with 3 mm and 5 mm thickness for each material. All the columns were tested under monotonic loading up to failure, in a loading frame of capacity 2000 kN. Necessary measurements were taken for each load increment. The findings concluded that GFRP wrapped corrosion-damaged concrete columns showed considerable enhancement in the load carrying capacity, deflection and ductility than the control concrete columns.


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