A Method for Reduction of Spurious or Numerical Oscillations in Integration of Unsteady Boundary Value Problem


  • Hiroshi Isshiki Saga University


Spurious or numerical oscillation, Central differencing, Diffuser by moving average, Burgers’ equation


Elimination of the spurious or numerical oscillations is very important in the solution of unsteady boundary value problem by FDM. Upwind differencing in advection problem is very popular, but numerical diffusion is too big. Flux limiters are very effective to eliminate the numerical oscillations, but the procedure is rather complicated. In the present paper, a very simple and unique method is proposed to reduce numerical oscillations. The method is verified by numerical calculations. This solution can be applied to many problems and to other solutions such as FEM, BEM etc. This solution can be applied not only to explicit method but also to implicit method. This solution can be extended easily to multi-dimensional problems.

Author Biography

Hiroshi Isshiki, Saga University

IOES (Institute of Ocean Energy , Saga University)

Visiting professor


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