Project-Based Learning at the University of Bihać


  • Senka Majetic


Key words, project-based learning, spoken fluency, language drills, innovations.


According to Jeremy Harmer lack of connected speech might be result of language drills. It seems by the book, lack of connected speech manifested as lack of spoken fluency is obvious among 3rd year students at the Department of English Language and Literature. They need to pass demanding grammar test. Therefore, language drills are used frequently. They are used to this type of activities going through various sets of exercises during the session. However, we don't speak enough. Problem of lack of connected speech is manifested as lack of spoken fluency. This skill is usually developed by an ELF. However, some changes will be made. Therefore presentations and project-based learning will be introduced. I would like to prevent side effects of my work. Therefore, I plan to introduce PBL (Project-Based Learning). In this paper I will present Class issue or challenge to be resolved, Innovation(s), Plan of action, Timeline for making the change, Expected benefits of presented innovations, Challenges, Solution to challenges, Plan of assessing success of innovation(s). Project presented in this paper is made during the tuition scholarship from U. S. Department of State as part of the E-Teacher Scholarship Program organized at the University of Oregon.  The purpose of the paper is to analyse implementation of Project-Based Learning at the University of Bihać.



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