QR Code Fabric Tag for Textile Companies in Turkey


  • Vassilya Abdulova Istanbul Aydin University
  • Vedat Özyazgan Istanbul Aydin University
  • Sami Bilgin Istanbul Aydin University


QR Code Fabric Tag, QR Code, Fabric Tag, Textile in Turkey.


All textile companies keep archive of information related to sales, prices, customers, type of cloth, production factory etc. We propose a system in which all this information is digitalized and easily accessible by the users. The QR code will be placed on the cartel of the fabric used in the production. The code grants access to all the vital information.  When the QR code is scanned by a Smartphone or any electronic device with a scanning capability, the link will open to the necessary information. We have designed a system containing of a web site, database containing the records and a mobile application using PHP, MySQL and Java. Through this application, the companies that manufacture or sell fabric will avoid infollution. Textile companies will be able to more easily access the information about the fabric they wanted.


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